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Catalytic processes are the most important industrial operation in developed or developing countries and since catalysts play important role in the production of fuels and a wide range of products which is needed by society, their importance is growing increasingly.

In recent years, economical limitations imposed by some countries create difficulties for supplying the refineries catalysts. Fortunately this leads several local companies to produce some catalysts and adsorbents which most of such products have been used in the refining industry.
According to the development plan of the country’s refineries as well as launch of the new refinery units such as naphtha, gas oil and kerosene Hydrotreating, RFCC Isomerization and CCR units there is no doubt that the use of catalysts in upcoming years will be increased. 
Oil refining support in the fields of acquiring technology for producing oil catalyst, leads into considerable achievement for domestic manufactures.  For instance, diesel desulfurization, naphtha catalytic reforming and Isomerisation process could be mentioned.
Dependence on supply massive amounts of catalysts from abroad on one hand, and unfair sanctions against oil industries on the other hand, made it necessary to develop the technical knowledge of catalyst production continuously.
Therefore, design and engineering affairs with the long experiences of providing catalysts for refining units in previous years, try to optimize providing qualified catalysts from foreign manufacturing companies and Iranian manufactures and maximize the local share during the time. The company takes steps in order to support domestic producers for the production of catalysts in the country for reaching the necessary technical knowledge. For example producing eco-friendly gasoline with high octane number was done for the first time in refining industry with technical domestic knowledge of RIPI and NIOEC in Isomerization unit of Arak refinery in autumn 2011 and also supplyin​g of catalysts for Tehran refinery diesel desulfurization unit from the domestic manufacturer companies  and contracts with internal catalysts manufacturers for the future refining industry's projects.​

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