Research & Development

Research is the driving force and development factor in any organization. If the research actions and processes are employed suitably, one will observe the establishment of competitive advantages in an organization in an extent that by spending fewer resources, better outcomes and efficiency will be obtained.
Based on this assumption, the Research and Technology Unit of National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company has undertaken the responsibility of following up the research demands which are discussed in work areas of the company from proposing plans and offers to concluding research contracts, abstracting the results and presenting the achievements to the applicant units. Supporting students thesis, directing and performing research plans are only parts of the duties assigned to this unit which are carried out in line with the perspective of Petroleum Ministry, in the template of new manifest of research and technology of the Petroleum Ministry and by relying on the potentials of local research companies for the purpose of creating the technical knowhow which are needed in fulfilling company’s mission and removing its operational straits.
“Current Research projects”
*VSD Technical and economic studies and mechanical coupling (Petroleum Industry Research Center)
Goals: VSD systems are currently used in large refineries around the world. Mounting VSD in products transfer pumps leads to reduction in fluctuations and lowers bearing defects significantly. Among the important advantages of VSD use one may note the reduction in hydraulic passages modes, soft implementation and stop, reducing the risk of system leakage when operating in low pressures and advantages in connection with better control of pump function. The goal of this research is a detailed technical and economic study of the available electrical VSD and existing mechanical driver by considering the initial capital, repair and maintenance costs in exploitation, possibility of using them and attention to environmental conditions.
*Gasoline Desulfurization by using tubular sonoreactor (Iran University of Science and Technology)
Goal: The sulfur-contents compounds are found in different hydrocarbon cuts such as kerosene and gasoline and when they burn, their sulfur-contents compounds burn alongside and produce a dangerous toxic gas. Using sonoreactors for desulfurization is a very innovative offer which has been defined for promoting the quality of the fuel and with respect to requiring the country’s refineries to produce gasoline with maximum 50 ppm sulfur; it could be an alternative for the previous plans. Among the important achievements of this research plan, in addition to overcoming sanctions, one may note the production of this technology and introducing the country as the owner of modern technology of the world and ultimately, taking an important step towards removing the internal problems and improving the standards of fuels which are produced inside the country.
“Current students’ projects”
• Application of value engineering in risk management of oil products pipelines: Case Study: Transfer of the products from the jetty to Chabahar Power Plant” (Iran University of Science and Technology)
• Desulfurization of kerosene in oxidation method (ODS) and optimizing the operational parameters, and studying the impacts of ultrasound waves for accelerating the mix by using ferrous chloride catalyst (Islamic Azad University, North Tehran Branch )