Growth and development in every society hinges upon the growth and development of its economic pillars. National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company (NIOEC), endowed with five decades of valuable experience in downstream oil industry and trusting in Almighty God and relying on the scientific and executive potential of its managers and experts and the creativity of Iranian contractors and industrialists, is making efforts to accomplish its duties and missions in various sectors of refining, pipeline and accessories, jetties and ports, retrofitting in the petroleum industry in the best manner with a view to taking a effective and balanced step on the course of development of the country. The activities carried out since long time ago and the successful implementation of tens of small- and large-sized projects particularly during years of sanctions bear proof to efforts, endeavors and long steps taken by industrious managers, officials, experts and staff of this company in the light of development and efficacy. While committed to sustainable development and observing legal requirements and regulations of the petroleum industry, this company envisages such measures as developing and upgrading technical savvy, motivations and skills of staff, management of studies and implementation of projects with focus on saving time and costs, observing international and environmental standards, timely and regular implementation of projects and maximum use of domestic industries and services of Iranian specialists, in a bid to realize its objectives by relying on valuable experiences and human resources.

Farhad Ahmadi