Project Title Development and Capacity Maintenance of Abadan Oil Refinery
Goals - Maintenance the refining capacity of Abadan oil refinery - Production of products based on Euro 5 standard - Reduction in environmental pollutants - Increase in the percentage of diesel oil and gasoline production with improvements in production technology - Reduction in fuel oil production
Job Description Maintenance of the refining capacity of 360,000 barrels per day (150 + 210) by constructing new units and dismantling the old units - Engineering (E): Preparation of documents and technical specifications, procurement engineering, documents and maps required for project implementation and commissioning: 10,787 documents - Purchase and procurement of goods and materials (P): Procurement of 468 packages - Executive operations (C): - Piling: 15,000 pieces - Underground piping: 157,000 inches in diameter - Above-ground piping: 1,300,000 inches in diameter - Concreting: 160,000 cubic meters - Equipment installation: 30,000 tons - Installation of metal structures: 14,000 tons - Electrical cabling: 700,000 meters - Instrumentation cabling: 942,000 meters
Title Capital Rial Capital: - In Local Currency: 28,169 billion Rials of capital through domestic sources

Foreign Capital: - In Foreign Currency: 8.2 billion yuan of capital through financing
Employer NIOEC
Project Managment NIOEC
Contractors Oil Design and Construction Company (ODCC) & China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)
Contract Type EPC+F