Project Title Increase in Transfer Capacity of Tabriz / Khoy / Urmia Petroleum Products and Complementary Projects
  • Transfer of 65,000 barrels of products in Tabriz / Khoy / Urmia route and equipment of the pipeline with an intelligent leak detection system and environmental pollution prevention, and increasing the useful life of the pipeline
Job Description
  • Completion of Tabriz / Khoy / Urmia facilities and pipeline

Workload Details

  • Supply and installation of three 1-megawatt electric pumps in Tabriz facilities
  • Supply and construction of 260 km of fiber optic cable along the Tabriz / Khoy / Urmia pipeline
  • Construction of 24 km of 10-inch pipeline in Khoy branch
  • Construction of Khoy electrical terminal near the existing oil depot
  • Construction of 8-inch electrical terminal of previous Miandoab / Urmia pipeline
  • Construction of 36 km of service road along the pipeline in the form of sandy soil mixture and paving
  • Construction of two radio station units along Tabriz / Urmia pipeline
  • Construction of intermediate facilities along the 10-inch Khoy branch pipeline
Title Capital Rial Capital: 10،000 billion Rials

Foreign Capital:
Employer NIOEC
Project Managment NIOEC
Contractors Consortium of Kiamaki Jolfa & Parsikan Iran Engineering and Management Consultants
Contract Type EPC