Project Title Process Improvement and Optimization of Isfahan Oil Refinery Construction Project of Desulfurization Unit from Refinery Distillation Columns Residue, RHU Unit
Goals - Treatment of refinery distillation columns residue at 81,000 barrels per day
Job Description - Construction of a hydro-treating unit for the distillation columns residue, including two parts of catalytic reactors for the removal of impurities and sulfur, a part for the separation of main and by-products and a part for preparation for catalyst replacement. - Engineering (E): Preparation of documents and technical specifications, procurement engineering, documents and maps required for project implementation and commissioning: 2,721 documents - Purchase and procurement of goods and materials (P): Procurement of 176 packages - Executive operations (C): - Excavation: 173,000 cubic meters Backfilling: 145,000 cubic meters Concreting: 30,000 cubic meters Welding: 2,538,636 inches in diameter Insulation: 52,422 square meters Installation of fixed equipment: 17,000 tons Installation of rotating equipment: 1,100 tons Electrical cabling: 1,000,000 meters Metal structures: 4,918 tons Instrumentation equipment: 3,176 pieces
Title Capital Rial Capital:

Foreign Capital: - € 750 million (EPC)
Employer - Isfahan Oil Refining Company
Project Managment - National Iranian Oil Engineering and Construction Company
Contractors - EP Contractor: NARGAN Company - C Contractor: under the preparation of tender documents for the selection of the contractor
Contract Type EPC