Project Title Construction Project of Bandar Abbas Gas Condensate and Crude Oil Branch Pipeline and Related Facilities

Sustainable supply of crude oil feed to Bandar Abbas oil refinery through Goreh-Jask Pipeline

Job Description

- Construction of a 30-inch pipeline branch and the required facilities from the gas condensate station of the Persian Gulf Star refinery with a length of about 37 km and a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day for temporary transfer of gas condensate to the station at the intersection with Goreh / Jask oil pipeline until the operation of Goreh / Jask pipeline, and in the next stage, the transfer of crude oil from Goreh / Jask pipeline to the station next to Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company and supply of feed to the aforementioned company - Engineering (E): Preparation of documents and technical specifications, procurement engineering, documents and maps required for full implementation and commissioning of the project and development of a three-dimensional model using PDMS software for the project in all disciplines - Purchase and procurement of goods and materials (P): Supply and procurement of goods and materials required for full implementation and commissioning of the project - Executive operations (C): Executive and construction operations and installation of all devices and equipment until the completion of the project, pre-commissioning, commissioning, compilation of manuals for commissioning, operation, maintenance and elimination of one-year defects - Total volume of excavation: 1,166,000 cubic meters - Total volume of backfilling: 135,650 cubic meters - Pipeline: about 37 km

Title Capital Rial Capital:

Foreign Capital: In Foreign Currency: € 32 million
Employer NIOEC
Project Managment NIOEC
Contractors Maroun Mechanic Company
Contract Type EPC