Project Title Construction Project of Bandar Abbas / Mehraran Petroleum Products Transmission Pipeline Section 1 of Construction Project of Bandar Abbas / Sirjan / Rafsanjan Pipeline.

Transfer of 300,000 barrels per day of petroleum products, including gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil from the products of the Persian Gulf Star refinery to the central regions of the country

Job Description
  • Construction of a 26-inch pipeline with a capacity of 300,000 barrels per day to transport petroleum products from the Persian Gulf Star refinery to Mehraran Oil Transfer Center
  • Detailed design and engineering, compilation of manuals for commissioning, operation, maintenance and engineering
  • Supply and procurement of goods and materials

Executive operations of pipeline construction, construction operations and installation of all devices and equipment until the completion of the project, pre-commissioning, commissioning and elimination of one-year defects

  • Engineering (E): Preparation of documents and technical specifications, procurement engineering, documents and maps required for project implementation and commissioning: 303 documents
  • Purchase and procurement of goods and materials (P): Procurement of 55 types of goods
  • Executive operations (C):
  • Construction of a pipeline with a length of about 249 km (6 km from the Persian Gulf Star refinery to Bandar Abbas oil transfer center, 132 km from Bandar Abbas oil transfer center to Qotbabad oil transfer center and 111 km from Qutbabad oil transfer center to Mehraran oil transfer center)
  • Construction of a 260 km long fiber optic cable for intelligent leak detection systems and data transmission in a separate channel and parallel to the main pipeline channel
  • Design and construction of a complete temporary and permanent cathodic protection system with a length of 231 km, including the construction of all cathodic protection stations along the pipeline
  • Earthworks: about 5.5 million cubic meters
  • Supply of pipes: 21,000 pipes weighing approximately 57,000 tons
  • Welding: 23,000 pipe heads with a diameter of 26 inches
  • Drilling: 250 boreholes to a depth of 3 meters
  • Two-way valve: 22 pieces

249 km long road construction, including 39 km of new road construction

Title Capital Rial Capital: - In Local Currency: 2,044 billion Rials

Foreign Capital: - In Foreign Currency: € 66.2 million
Employer NIOEC
Project Managment NIOEC
Contractors Consortium of Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters and Tadbir Energy Development Group
Consultant Pars Consulting Engineers
Contract Type EPC