Project Title Construction Project of Naein / Kashan / Rey Pipeline
  • Transportation of part of diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline produced in the Persian Gulf Star, Bandar Abbas and the future Hormoz refineries to Naein and Kashan and thence to Tehran and the northern regions of the country in a shorter route
  • Elimination of the daily traffic of 1,500 tankers and saving on the transportation costs and reduction in environmental pollutants and road accidents


Job Description
  • Construction of about 420 km of 20-inch pipeline equipped with leak detection system between Naein, Kashan, and Rey
  • Construction of ten fixed and floating roof tanks with a total capacity of 300,000 cubic meters in Naein
  • Construction of new pumping station in Kashan and development of pumping station in Naein
  • Development and upgrading of the existing Naein 63 / 6.3 kV substation
  • Development of 63 kV power transmission line with a length of 6 km from Kashan to Kashan pumping station and development of 63 kV electrical substation in Kashan
  • Development of Rey terminal
  • Engineering (E): Preparation of all documents and technical specifications, procurement engineering, documents and maps required for project implementation and commissioning: 2,181 documents
  • Purchase and procurement of goods and materials (P): Procurement of 74 packages
  • Executive operations (C):
  • Pipe-lay, welding, piping and hydrostatic testing operations: a total length of 420 km
  • Construction and installation of tanks: 8,800 tons
  • Construction of industrial buildings and structures: 5,330 square meters
  • Construction of office buildings: 2,867 square meters
  • Installation of rotating equipment: 30 devices
Title Capital Rial Capital: In Local Currency: 5,040 billion Rials

Foreign Capital: In Foreign Currency: € 84.5 million
Employer NIOEC
Project Managment NIOEC
Contractors NASR consortium (Danial Petro Co., Nasr Misagh Ahvaz Co., Iran Development of Industrial Services Co., & Bina Consulting Engineers)
Contract Type EPC